This is a new way to send photos, videos on WhatsApp, know the full news here

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Instant messaging app WhatsApp has modified the way it sends its audio-visual content to others. Apart from this, the company has also started rolling out new location stickers for users. With the help of this, you will also be able to add a location to your WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp is one of those messaging apps that is used by millions of people around the world. It is used to send messages, photos, videos, voice messages, or make video calls. It always brings new updates and features to its users. This time, WhatsApp has added new functions and tools for users, so that you can share photos and videos in a new way.

A new way to send photos and videos

First of all, you need to know that WhatsApp has tested functionality that has modified the way audio-visual content is sent in the app. The company is considering changing the way you send photos or videos through WhatsApp. Users already have the freedom to select multiple recipients for the same photo, however, this is possible only when using the Camera tab. But now when you send a photo, video, or GIF, you can select others as recipients, even if you're not taking a photo from the Camera tab. This makes it easy to send files to more people.

Let us tell you that WhatsApp has also introduced another new feature for its users. In this, you will now be able to use location stickers like Instagram on the status being shared on WhatsApp. The company has started rolling out this newsticker. Let us tell you that this sticker has been started under the already existing content sticker in WhatsApp status. For this, you have to go to WhatsApp status and select the photo. After this, you have to click on the smiley option shown above, there you will see the location sticker in the content sticker.