These changes will happen in your Facebook profile from December 1, 2022!


Changes keep happening from time to time on the social media platform Facebook. There are going to be changes again from December 1, 2022. Under this, many things will not be visible on your profile. Today we are going to give you information regarding this.

According to reports, after December 1, people will not be able to see things like Interested in, Religious view, Address and Political views on their Facebook profiles. It is still visible in your Facebook profile section and bio.

The first information about these changes in Facebook has been given by Matt Navarra (Social Media Consultant). He has shared a photo giving information about these changes on social media.


In this, he told that from December 1, 2022, things like religious view and interested in will be removed from the Facebook user's profile. However, official information in this regard has not been received from Facebook.