The number of WhatsApp group users will be doubled, once 512 people will be able to add


New updates are issued by WhatsApp for its users. In this episode, WhatsApp has increased the number of group users. In Ace, you will be able to add 512 people to the WhatsApp group at a time.

 The number of group users will be increased by WhatsApp. According to the report, at present, a maximum of 256 users can be added to the WhatsApp group. But sometimes this number becomes more, in such a situation two WhatsApp groups have to be created for the same work, as well as they have to be updated and managed separately. But soon this problem can be got rid of. The number of group users will be increased from 256 to 512 by WhatsApp. This will be of great convenience.

You will be able to add 512 people to a single group

According to the report of Android Police, a long series of upcoming features of WhatsApp has been introduced on the side of the WhatsApp Blog on Thursday. In this, information has been given to increase the WhatsApp chat size. Users will be able to add up to 512 people in a single group. But this feature will not be available to everyone. The company will expand this feature in a phased manner. Although this number is still less than Telegram. Let us tell you that 2 lakh people can be added to Telegram at a time. Although WhatsApp has a good move to add 512 people to a single group.

We will get these new features soon

Some new features will be given soon on the WhatsApp platform. Apart from this, the size of the file shared with WhatsApp will be increased to 2 GB. Which is currently 100MB. Let us know that recently the Reaction feature has been started rolling out by WhatsApp. Which will be expanded later.