Technology tips - Once you will do these 5 things, the problem of lack of network in mobile will go away


Mobile users are always worried about internet speed and network. They always complain that the network is not coming properly in their smartphone. People make lakhs of efforts to fix this and always many other efforts are also made, but nothing is understood.

For your information, let us tell you that many times people also buy expensive smartphones, but neither the network problem is solved nor the internet speed is fast, then people blame the mobile companies. Since the strictness of the central government, the companies giving SIM cards have tried to overcome the problem of the network to a great extent.

It is better to try to boost your mobile once than to blame someone else.

Today we tell you the best way to boost mobile. First of all shift your mobile from 3G to 2G. But the signal will start catching properly. Apart from this, the signals are also less when the cover is installed. So do keep this thing in mind. 


At the same time, if the signal is weak, put the smartphone in a glass glass, although there is no solid evidence of why this happens, but the signal is good. Apart from this, if you want, install a signal booster. If there is a network problem anywhere, then divert the call.