Technology tips - Now you will get rid of remembering all types of passwords! Click here to know how


We are using a lot of apps and services today that require a password for us to log in. Keep our accounts secure, but remembering these passwords becomes a mess. You will now be able to log into all Google, Apple and Microsoft accounts and services without a password.

For your information, let us tell you that three major tech companies, Google, Apple, and Microsoft have together announced that they are going to come up with a feature that will allow their users to log into their accounts without a password and access all services. be able to access. People are very fond of this announcement.

Let us tell you that users will get the benefit from this new change: Let us tell you that users of every device and operating system will be able to use this new change in Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Users of all platforms like Android, iOS, Chrome-OS, Chrome browser, Edge, Safari, and Mac-OS will be able to take advantage of this passwordless authentication. You will be able to use the new feature on your smartphone, desktop, browser device, and anywhere. 

How can you use this feature without a password while maintaining the security of your account? Tech companies executives say users without a password will be able to log into their accounts as easily as they can unlock their smartphones. You can now log in to your online accounts the same way you unlock your phone with a PIN, password, or pattern.