Technology tips - Now it is easy to delete history with Google Pay, just follow these tips


Google Pay has become one of the most popular online payment apps overnight. It is being used to send or receive money from your friends, family, local stores, or third-party applications. 

The record of these transactions is also found on the app itself. If you are not comfortable with Google saving or tracking all this information on you, you can delete it. How you can delete your Google Pay transaction history as well as prevent Google from tracking data.


How to permanently delete Google Pay transaction history: -

First, open Google Chrome and go to the "website.

Then search for "Google Account" and log in to your account.

Now click on the three rows in the upper left corner and select the "Data and Privacy" option


Then go to the "History Settings" section and select the "Web and App activity"> "Manage all web and app activity" option. Now tap on the vertical three lines on the search bar and select "Other Google Activity".

Under the Google Pay experience, tap "Manage activity." You will see a drop-down to delete where you can choose which part of the transaction history you want to delete.

For your information, here you will find many options, in which you are also being provided Last Hour, Lost Day, and custom range. Users are also being given the option to delete the transaction history for a certain period of time. According to an official Google statement, "Your personal information is never sold to anyone and your transaction history is not shared with any other Google product to target ads."