Technology tips: Now electricity meters will be recharged like a smartphone


With the decades-old problem of power theft causing loss of lakhs to the power companies in the country, the government has come up with a special way to tackle the issue, 4G Electric Meter. 

For your information, let us tell you that the process of installing 4G electric meters started in Uttar Pradesh on July 1. The decision is aimed at controlling the increasing number of connections and theft of electricity. You will need to recharge them to supply electricity to your home.

For your information, let us tell you that the houses which have old electricity meters will also be updated based on new technology. 

About 12 lakh meters of old technology have been installed at present, which will be converted into smart meters. 4G meters will be recharged in the same way as prepaid recharge is done on the phone. You will not need to worry about the electricity bill. 4G prepaid meter plan will expire, you have to recharge it again. If anyone is found doing this then strict action can be taken against him.


Let us tell you that in the coming months, power theft will be curbed by completing its installation work. The process got the green signal after the UP Power Corporation and the Union Power Ministry agreed to install smart 4G prepaid meters.