Technology tips - If you are too lazy to wash dishes, then Robot Bai is coming soon!


We keep a maid for cleaning the house. You may need a maid for everything. But Dyson has made everything easy. Dyson is a British company specializing in premium home appliances including vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and supersonic hair dryers. 


Now it has started into robotics. After pizza maker robots and automatic bartenders, now the domestic help has arrived. It's Dyson that's driving the project, along with a new robotics division that's growing rapidly. Now Dyson has also offered a video of the prototype.

At the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in Philadelphia, Dyson has already shown its work on these interesting robots. The manufacturer is proving to be overly ambitious and wants to develop a robot that can handle many household tasks on its own. For example, it can hold any number of objects and remove or clean them. 


Even after sharing the short video, Dyson has kept something mysterious about the status of his progress. Perhaps they are being launched first in professional settings, for example, in the restaurant sector. Dyson is looking to recruit several hundred experts to help develop these solutions.

For your information, let us tell you that Dyson created a sensation earlier this year by introducing the first audio headphones, which also act as an air purifiers. Apart from reducing noise pollution, these headphones also promise protection from gases, allergens, viruses, and other fine particles. Which is expected to be launched before 2023.