Technology tips - Deactivating an account from Twitter is very easy! Click here to know how


Twitter is in the news a lot these days. Twitter was acquired by Tesla CEO Elon Musk last day for $ 44 billion. If you are tired of all this and want to take some time off Twitter, you will be able to deactivate your account at any time.


How to Deactivate Twitter Account: It is very easy to deactivate Twitter account. Users will be able to deactivate it from the web app or mobile app. This inactivity will continue for 30 days. Users will be able to reactivate your account. A Twitter account that becomes inactive after 30 days is permanently closed.

How to deactivate Twitter account on the web:-

First, open the Twitter web app.

Then select the option "Settings & Privacy".

After that select the option of Account in it.

Then click on Deactivate Your Account.


How to deactivate a Twitter account on the mobile app.

Please note that the deactivate option is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Open the Twitter app on your phone.

Then click on the profile icon.

Then tap on the Settings and Privacy option.

Now select the Account option in it.

Then click on Deactivate Your Account.

Once you have followed these steps, your Twitter account can be deactivated. It is supposed to last for 30 days after deactivation. But, if you don't log in for 30 days, Twitter will erase all your data and your account will be permanently deleted.

The company said in an official blog post that deactivating its Twitter account would be the first attempt to delete it permanently. Once an account is deleted, Twitter will never allow you to reactivate a previous account, nor will you have access to any of your old Tweets. You may need to create a new account to reuse Twitter.