Technology tips - Big news for those who use Google Chrome!


Google has also introduced three emergencies, out-of-band, security updates for the Chrome browser. As before, a high-risk zero-day threat is yet to be fixed that hackers have started to take advantage of. All major platforms are Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Google has already rolled out an emergency update in the flesh of its version 100.0.4896.127 for its Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop clients.

The search engine giant said in a statement that it was also "a present in the wild for CVE- 2022-1362Google revealed that Chrome's emergency update also fixed 2 security threats in the web browser. Cyber ​​hackers have also started taking advantage of one of these actively.

Chrome's emergency update in 2022 is also introduced as the third update of its kind, which has also been actively rolled out to fix the explosive zero-day security bug. While zero-day threats have become a critically necessary issue , the update is also set to roll out to the 3200 million users of the Google web browser in the coming weeks. 


There is a way to set it up now , but more to come later. The new threat found on Chrome is also being identified as CVE-2022-1364 , with the report saying that V8There is some kind of illusion in me. The security issues target the JavaScript engines that the Chromium browser is going to use , such as Edge , Brave, and Chrome.