Technology tips: 4G meter will be launched soon! Click here to know how it will work


The electricity meter is going to be upgraded now. Smart electricity meters with 4G technology are going to be installed in UP from July. 4G meters can be completely different from the meters being used now. 4G meters will be installed in place of old meters.

For your information, let us tell you that the existing meter or old technology meter can also be converted into a smart meter. For many days, the market of discussions about smart meters is going on. Smart meters are not being given by the department.

The consumer council has been continuously opposing the electricity meter based on old technology. After this, it has come to the fore that it will have smart prepaid meters which are going to be based on 4G technology.


4G Smart Prepaid Meter: For your information, let us tell you that the 4G prepaid meter is going to work exactly like the postpaid plan of the SIM card. Once the 4G meter is installed, you may need to recharge the plan for a certain capacity and certain units for a certain period. Paco is also going to get rid of the hassle of paying electricity bills.

Why the decision of 4G meter was taken: Now you must be wondering why the decision to install a 4G meter was taken. Because after installing a 4G prepaid meter, the electricity bill will be paid on time. Consumers will be able to recharge according to their needs. The problem of electricity theft will be curbed and there will be no scope for tampering with the electricity meter.