Tech Tips and Tricks: - Keep these things in mind while installing Wi-Fi at home

Tech Tips and Tricks: You can connect to WiFi even without a password, learn how

Until recently, the necessities of the people included only food, clothing and shelter. But in the changing times, the needs of the people have also changed and now the internet has become equally important for everyone. Whether it is children's school homework or taking online classes or preparing for office presentations, the internet is needed to complete every task. All this is not possible only through mobile phone internet, so people get Wi-Fi installed at home. However, even after installing Wi-Fi in the house, they do not get that speed and hence they get frustrated. You may be taking the services of a different company again and again, but still, you are not completely satisfied.

This also happens because people do not pay full attention to many small things while installing Wi-Fi. So today in this article Prashant Sharma, engineer of Airtel company is telling you about some such tips, which you should keep in mind during Wi-Fi installation at home- 

Tech Tips and Tricks: You can connect to WiFi even without a password, learn how

Keep away from the fridge, LED and microwave

Usually, while installing Wi-Fi in the house, keep in mind their space, and get it installed. But you should get it installed in a place where it can work optimally. It is seen that often people get their LED installed right above it or they keep it above the fridge and microwave for convenience whereas in reality, you should put Wi-Fi a little away from them. Fridge, LED and microwave etc work on 2.4 GHz. At the same time, Wi-Fi also has a 2.4 GHz SSID. Due to this, the frequencies of these two collide and in such a situation the internet becomes very fluctuating.

Do not install Wi-Fi in the room

It is advisable not to have Wi-Fi even in the room. When you install Wi-Fi in the room, it stops its frequency. In this situation, your internet is good in the room, but you have a problem working while sitting in other places of the house.

Therefore, try to get it installed in an open area of ​​the house. Installing Wi-Fi in an open area gives it better frequency and it covers good speed and range.


Install Wi-Fi in the central area

This is a very important tip that deserves attention. Some people install Wi-Fi close to where they mainly work, but you really should have it installed in a central area of ​​your home. Its biggest advantage is that it gives you good internet speed in every part of the house.

On the other hand, if you install Wi-Fi close to your sitting area, you may have internet speed issues in other parts of the house.

Do not keep the router on the ground

Well, nowadays such routers are available, which can be hung on the wall. But if your router is such that it is not possible to hang, then never put it on the ground. Nowadays, a separate wall stand is available to keep the router, you use it. It is very important to do this. Those who do not have a wall stand, keep it on the ground. 

But even this disrupts the frequency of Wi-Fi. So try to keep your router at a height of about 4-6 feet from the ground. So now whenever you get Wi-Fi installed at home, keep these small tips in mind.

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