Tech Tips: You will be able to do polls on WhatsApp like Facebook and Twitter, these steps have to be followed..


WhatsApp has launched its poll feature on both Android and iOS. With the help of this new feature of the messaging platform, you can start a WhatsApp Poll in a few easy steps, in which your friends or contacts will be able to vote. Whatsapp tweeted that the polls have arrived. Now decision-making in group chats has become easier and more fun.


What is a WhatsApp poll?
As the name suggests, you can start a poll on WhatsApp through the poll feature. This can be done on both individual and group chats. Users can enter a maximum of 12 options in the poll. Users can choose more than one option in it. However, to use this feature, you need to update WhatsApp to the latest version on both iOS and Android.

How to use WhatsApp poll?
To use this feature, first, open WhatsApp on your smartphone. And go to group or individual chat.
For iOS, inside a chat, click the + sign next to the chat box. If you have an Android phone, then select the paper click icon next to the chat box.
In both cases, the poll will be at the bottom of the menu displayed on the screen.
Click on it and a new menu will open.
Now type the poll question and answer options here.

Once this is done, just click send.
Keep in mind that this feature will not be visible on WhatsApp web right now. In some time this feature will also be introduced for WhatsApp Web. The option to see the number of votes would also have been given at the bottom of this fol. WhatsApp will show the number of votes along with any response. Almost all users use the group feature on WhatsApp. Hence, the new poll feature may become increasingly popular among users. On this, the person will take help in going somewhere or taking some other decision. Let us tell you that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. WhatsApp India chief Abhijit Bose resigned from his post on Tuesday.