Tech Tips: Have all chats or messages on WhatsApp been deleted by mistake? Retrieve data using this trick


WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app. Currently millions of users like this app. WhatsApp has become the most useful medium to stay connected with friends, family, relatives, and office colleagues. Through WhatsApp, we can share videos, photos, audio, content, files. WhatsApp is constantly launching new features keeping in mind the needs of the users.

Many times our WhatsApp chats get deleted unintentionally. Similarly, after changing the smartphone, when WhatsApp is downloaded to the new smartphone, then the old messages are not visible on it. This causes great inconvenience to us. But deleted messages on WhatsApp can be recovered.

For this, you can use third-party apps. You can also take special care that there is no problem in case the message is deleted. Let us know about it in detail.

It is essential to back up chats regularly to avoid problems in case of messages on WhatsApp get deleted by mistake. For this software like Android Data Recovery is beneficial. WhatsApp has an option called 'Chat Backup'.

You can set it manually. Through this option, you can take daily backups. Similarly using WhatsApp on smartphones and PC is also beneficial.


You can directly download photos and videos from your favorite contacts on WhatsApp. There is also an option for this. So there is no need to take backup. You can archive your chats. It does not delete any text messages.

There are a few ways to recover WhatsApp messages. This method can be used by both Android and iOS users. You can easily retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages from cloud backup.

For this reinstall WhatsApp on an Android phone. After that press the Agree and Continue buttons and proceed. Enter your mobile number and confirm. After this, you will get a verification code on the phone and automatically WhatsApp will be read. After this, you will see an option named Restore. Clicking on it will retrieve your old messages from the cloud.