Tech Tips: By doing this, you will not have to put the location again and again on Google Maps, the address gets saved in the name of the contacts


The location of any person can be traced from Google Maps. Google Maps also allows a person to save the address of their Google Account contact. There are many addresses that you have to search again and again on Google Maps. You can save these addresses in advance so that you do not have to enter them again and again while traveling.


Save in this way: -

First of all, you have to open Google Maps on your phone.

Now the related address has to be searched in it.

Select the address in the search bar.


After this, you will see the option of the label, on which you have to click.

After this, the name of that person's number is saved in the Google account, it will have to be entered.

If the contact is not saved, you have to click on the Create Contact option.

After this, all the contacts of that name will appear. Now select that address.

Now select any one of the three labels Add Home, Add Work and Add Other Address and click on the save button.