Tech: Indians are not interested in paying for Twitter Blue Tick, Read Interesting Reasons!


The world's richest man Elon Musk has bought the social media platform Twitter. After this, he announced that the customers who get the blue tick mark on Twitter will have to pay Rs 719 per month. But according to social media experts and brand strategists, no one is interested in paying a monthly fee for Twitter's verified account in India. Because they cannot pay this money.

People in India would not be interested in paying Rs 719 per month for a verified account. It is a value-oriented market across all sectors of the Indian economy and Indians think very carefully before spending. Before spending money, they make sure the expense is worth it to them. Earning from your Twitter handle and getting paid for it every month is not important for Indians.


What is the need for BlueTick?

Business and brand strategy expert Harish Bijoor says people have figured out how to identify their handles. So they prefer to go with the verification status. He said that content on social media is very important. If you see blue ticks without making a purchase, people respect them. If one buys BlueTick on a monthly subscription, then its cost will not be high.

At the same time, Elon Musk says that apart from personal use, the Twitter handle will soon start charging for business users. Experts say that with time people will start to understand which handle is originally verified and which handle is verified by paying money. Social media users are more interested in paying for the cloud online, as it has its own challenges and may pay convenience fees to prevent misinformation and remove fake accounts.


Loss in shares of many companies

Twitter has ended its $8 subscription model. Because of this, fake handles of many companies were verified by paying fees, and wrong information was given with their help. This caused a major setback to the stocks of many companies and they lost most of their capital in a single day.