Smartphone Tips And Tricks: Smartphone got damaged in the rain, so don't take tension! just do this


Smartphone Tips And Tricks: If your phone has got wet by getting wet in the rain, then we are telling you such tips, by which you can easily fix your mobile ...


Smartphone Tips And Tricks: The rainy season has arrived. It is raining heavily in many states. Smartphones have the most tension in the rain. Be it rain or heat... one has to leave for work outside. To protect the phone in the rain, people keep foil or pouches in seven. Sometimes even after safety, the phone gets wet and gets damaged. If your phone has got damaged by getting wet in the rain, then we are telling you such tips, by which you can easily fix your mobile.

turn off the phone immediately

If the smartphone/phone gets wet in water, then turn it off immediately. If water gets inside the phone, then a short circuit can also happen. Remember not to try to test the phone at all. Also do not check by pressing any button. It is wise to turn it off first.

remove the battery

If the phone is drenched in water or rain, then remove the battery from it, this will cut off the power coming to the phone. If your phone has a non-removable battery, then you should turn off the phone directly. Phones that have non-removable batteries are more prone to short circuits. After that, you remove the phone cover, SIM card, and memory card from the phone. By doing this the risk of the short circuit will be reduced. After removing all the accessories, clean them with tissue paper or newspaper. Doing this will eliminate the moisture inside. 

keep the phone in the middle of the rice


After cleaning the accessories with a tissue, the best option is to keep the phone in the middle of the rice. Rice absorbs moisture rapidly. Press all the accessories into the rice and keep them in the vessel. Keep the phone in rice for at least 24 hours.

Silica Gel Packs Even Soaks Moisture

Silica gel is better than cooked rice. Silica gel packs are mostly used in shoe boxes and thermos. The silica gel pack is kept so that moisture does not come into it. It removes moisture. You can also keep your wet phone in it. In this also you have to keep at least 24 hours. If your phone is wet, then do not put it in the dryer or heater at all. This may damage the circuit. It is better not to try to dry the phone with them. 

Do not use headphones and USB

If the phone is wet then do not connect headphones and USB to it at all. This may damage your phone. When the phone is on. Then you can use them. If the phone is still not getting fixed after that, then show it to the service center.

Carry-on waterproof pouch

To protect the mobile, you can keep a waterproof pouch together. You will find it on any online site. Its price is also only 99 rupees. By spending so much money, you can save your phone worth thousands of rupees.


BlueTooth headphones

If you have to go somewhere important in the rain and also need a mobile, then you can use Bluetooth headphones. You can then trap your phone between foil or thick cloth and keep it safe in the pocket. When the call comes, you will be able to pick it up with Bluetooth headphones. Many Bluetooth headphones come waterproof.