Scammers use WhatsApp for fraud, prevent like this


Sending money to friends and family has become easy with the WhatsApp messaging app. Now you can send money to anyone by scanning the QR code. At the same time, scammers also try to use it wrongly. Let us know how this can be avoided.

Paying anyone using UPI-based apps is now easier. And messaging apps like WhatsApp now also offer the option to send and receive money, which makes paying to friends and family members easy and simple. For this, users just have to scan a QR code, enter the amount and send it. As of now, there are no charges for transacting on WhatsApp, which is great.

While people now have the convenience of making online payments with ease, fraudsters have also found ways to trick them to earn some money. Even before this, many cases related to this have been registered online. With most people going digital, online fraud is on the rise. One of the most common ways people can cheat is with QR codes. Let us know how it works.

WhatsApp QR code can be a scam

QR code is only used when you need to pay a shopkeeper, friends, or a service. You never need to scan a QR code to receive money, which some users still don't know about and are exploited by fraudsters. For example, you want to sell an item on online websites and you enter all the details on the platform. Scammers make you believe that they are interested in your item and then masquerade as a buyer. Next, they share a QR code with you on WhatsApp. In this, you are asked to scan the code using Google Pay or any other UPI-based service to get money in the bank account. This will land you in big trouble as you will be paying the scammer instead of getting the money.

Keep in mind while making online payment

People who are not aware of how online payment works, somehow fall into this trap and lose money. Keep in mind that fraudsters have different ways of tricking people, so you need to be careful. If you do not know much about online payment, then it is always better to either know about it or deal in cash.

Be careful while sharing QR code

Also, when you need to make a payment to someone, you should always double-check the name or UPI ID after scanning a QR code on WhatsApp and then make the payment. The fraudsters can also send you a QR code on WhatsApp and ask you to scan it using the UPI app and enter the Mpin, which you have set up for your banking app. In addition, WhatsApp allows you to save any contact using a QR code, which is why users should only share their WhatsApp QR code with people they trust.