Running out of mobile data while doing important work? This facility of Airtel will give you an instant data loan!


The importance of the internet has increased due to the fact that most things are online these days. The number of Internet users through smartphones has reached billions of homes. That's why telecom companies are constantly launching special data plans. Many times when we are doing some important work, we run out of data. That's why we need the data urgently. At such times we recharge or ask for a hotspot from a nearby person; But if such options are not available, the problem is compounded; But now this problem will go away. Because a new option of data loan is going to be available for the customers. Telecom company Airtel is currently giving data loans. Of course, this feature is not free. Users will have to pay a fee for this; But since the data will be available at the right time, it will help in getting the job done.


If we do not have money available, we borrow it from a friend or close person to meet the need. Now in this way the data requirement can be met. Airtel has introduced a new concept of data loans for its users. With the help of this loan, you can recharge instantly and complete the tasks that are stalled due to the lack of internet. This means that you can fulfill your needs even without data.


This loan is definitely not free for Airtel users. The customers have to repay this loan within a stipulated period. For this, you can use the airtel thanks app.

You need to follow certain steps to avail Airtel data loan. For this, you have to go to the dialer of your smartphone. There you have to dial *147*567# code. On dialing this code Airtel will give you various network options. You can choose between 2G, 3G, or 4G networks. If you want an even easier way to get this loan, you can dial 52141. After dialing this number you have to follow some instructions and then get the data loan. This feature is definitely going to be beneficial for the users. With this, users can complete the unfinished tasks immediately due to a lack of data.