Laptop Hang : Laptops will never hang, Adopt these 5 tips quickly

Laptops will never hang, Adopt these 5 tips quickly


If your laptop's operating system is experiencing frequent problems, update your laptop first. 

Check the update by going to settings and get the latest update. This will prevent the laptop from freezing and you can avoid this problem.


 Use the Restart option

Many users do not restart their laptops for days at a time. Laptops often go into sleep mode automatically, but tasks that you haven't turned off run in the background.


Be sure to use anti-virus

If your laptop is up to date but is still running slow and hangs, it may be that your laptop has a virus. It requires you to download anti-virus and scan your laptop for viruses. 

Delete unnecessary apps

Your laptop may have many apps that you don't even use. You can choose which apps you don't need by going to the laptop's control panel and then delete them. You can also uninstall some apps.