Jio Cheap Recharge Plans: This 1 month's cheapest recharge of Jio will not be available even on Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay


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Jio Cheap Recharge Plans: There is a Rs 155 recharge plan of Reliance Jio, which is available only on the My Jio app, and from there this plan can be recharged.

Jio Cheap Recharge Plans: Use local shop, Paytm, PhonePe, and other wallet apps to do mobile prepaid recharge. Along with this, cheap recharge plans are also seen in these places. But today we will give you the cheapest recharge plan lasting 28 days (Budget Recharge Plans) are going to tell about. The price of this plan is the cheapest as compared to other prepaid plans that come with this validity. We are going to tell you about the recharge plan of Rs 155. With the help of this plan, users will get validity of up to 28 days. Let us know where and how you can recharge this plan and recharge your friends.

The validity of 28 days is available under the prepaid recharge plan of Rs 155. During this, users will be able to take advantage of unlimited calls, internet, and SMS. Under this recharge plan, users get 2 GB of internet data, which comes with a validity of 28 days. After the data limit is exhausted, users will be able to use the internet at a speed of 64 kbps. This recharge can be recharged only through the MyJio app and for that, a special process will have to be passed.

Jio Cheap Recharge Plans: How to do Jio Cheap Recharge

To make a recharge of Rs 155, users will first have to open the My Jio app on their phone. After this, go to the option of recharge, there will be the option of value at the end in the category given above and if that option is not visible then click on the option of More. After that go to the Value option. Some special recharge plans will be seen in the value, in which there will be a recharge of Rs 155 at the bottom and you will have to click on the option of buy given in front of it. After that follow the option to recharge and make the payment.

Jio Cheap Recharge Plans: This is the cheapest recharge plan for 84 days

In the option of value, you will also get a recharge plan for 84 days, which costs only Rs 395. Under this plan, you can take advantage of unlimited calls for up to 84 days. Also, only 6 GB of internet data is available under this recharge plan. It can also be recharged by going to the value option.

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