Smartphone Tips and Tricks: Is your smartphone slow? Follow these tips to improve your smartphone performance

Follow these tips to improve your smartphone performance


The best way to enhance your phone's performance is to reset it.

However, it will take time for your smartphone to set up. Once you have reset your smartphone you will see a big gap in its performance. Your apps will open faster than ever before. Multi-tasking will be easier and you will feel that the device you are using is not old but purchased now.


Clean the phone's storage

It is also important to keep the phone's storage space clean for optimal performance, otherwise, the system will slow down. To clear the phone's storage you should first check the remaining storage space in the settings section and if it is full your phone will slow down. In that case, you have to remove the unnecessary apps on your phone. You can also delete application files. Usually, people have photos and videos of years on their phones, so they can delete some videos and create some storage space. 

 Check backups online

Importantly, before resetting your smartphone, you must save the ID and password of all the services. Also, make sure that you have an online backup of all your data. If you do not want to lose your data, double-check your backup location before deleting anything.


Keep updating the software

In addition, for the best performance of the phone, you need to keep updating your software from time to time. Because updating brings stability to the phone. 

Use fewer widgets

Good performance of the phone requires that you use minimal widgets and avoid using live wallpapers. Because this affects the performance of the phone and also consumes the battery.