In this way, you can buy a VIP number for free, and know what is the process!


There are many people who give a lot of importance to numbers in their life. Many people want fancy or VIP numbers for cars or mobiles as well. He does not hesitate to pay a price for them, But getting a VIP mobile number is not easy. Such numbers require a lot of effort from customers. Today we are going to tell you something that will easily get you a VIP mobile number.


The internet and smartphones have not only given us convenience, but it has also changed our lifestyle a lot. Many people think that their mobile number should be fancy or VIP. That's why many people like to take fancy numbers for vehicles, while many people also like to take mobile numbers.

But VIP numbers cost more money than regular numbers. Sometimes such numbers are also auctioned. Bidding is done for the number. The same is done with BSNL VIP numbers; But today we are giving you such information, through which you can get a VIP number for free. You will not have to pay any extra charge for this number. If you want to get a VIP mobile number, you can avail of Vodafone Idea (Vi) offers.

Get this VIP number

VIP or fancy numbers can be purchased for both Vodafone Idea prepaid or postpaid cards. For this, you just have to visit the official website of the company. There you will see the 'New Connection' tab.

After going to 'New Connection', you have to click on 'Fancy Number'. Now a new page will open on your screen. There you have to choose whether you want a prepaid connection or a postpaid connection. Enter the PIN code number of the place where you live and enter the mobile number. Then search for the number you want to buy. You can choose any number from Vodafone Idea's free list.


You have to choose between a free and a premium number. You will have to pay Rs 500 for the premium number. Otherwise, you can choose any number available in the free list. After selecting the number you have to enter your address. After making the payment, the company will deliver the SIM card to your home.

Everyone wants to have a mobile number that is easy, simple, and instantly memorable. That's why many people spend thousands of rupees to buy a VIP mobile number; But with this offer, it is possible to get such a number easily for free or even at a low cost.