Health Care Tips: Do you also do work by keeping a laptop in your lap, then be careful!


After an epidemic like Corona, the lifestyle of people has completely changed, during this epidemic people used to work on laptops from home. Often you must have seen that most people or men work by keeping their laptop in their lap which can prove to be very harmful to their health because keeping the laptop in our lap affects the fertility of men very badly. 

Yes, you heard right that working with a laptop in your lap has a very bad effect on the body of men. It has been revealed in much research that working with a laptop on the lap harms the fertility of men because the heat emanating from the laptop causes damage.


According to research, the heat emanating from the laptop can spoil the fertility of our men as well as the skin and internal tissue. That's why men need to be more careful while using laptops.

Due to the hits emanating from men working with laptops on their laps, these problems start to occur along with many other problems. Many types of problems come with these problems like sleeplessness and severe headache and muscle pain etc. Therefore, while working with a laptop, men should avoid keeping it on their lap and feet and should work by keeping it on a table. By keeping this in mind, you can save your body from causing great harm.