Google's big action: 340 crore ads blocked in 2021, 3.59 crore tobacco ads removed


Google has released the Ad Safety Report for the year 2021. Google has given this information in its blog. Google has said that in the year 2021, 3.4 billion or 340 crore ads have been processed. Some of these ads have been blocked and some have been removed forever. According to Google, apart from removing 340 crore ads in 2021, 570 crore ads have been suspended and 560 crore advertiser accounts have also been suspended. According to the report, apart from blocking 170 crore publishers in the year 2021, action has been taken on 63,000 publisher websites.
310 crore ads were blocked in 2020


If we compare this report of Google with 2019 and 2020, then in the year 2019, Google had removed 270 crore ads, while in 2020 this number had reached 310 crore and now there has been an additional increase of 300 million in 2021, after which Google Has removed 340 crore ads this year. Let us tell you that earlier this year, Microsoft had removed 300 million ads from its platform. A total of 650 crore ads have been removed this year by both Google and Microsoft.

    Trademark: 1.4 billion
    Business: 511.4 million
    Financial Services: 223 million
    Healthcare and Medicine: 219.3 million
    Alcohol: 128.5 million
    Adult Content: 126.1 million
    Gambling & Games: 108.1 million
    Copyright: 68.6 million
    Tobacco: 35.9 million


The maximum action has been taken on advertisements selling sexual, dangerous and weapons. 5,00,000 pages have been removed for giving wrong information about Corona. These pages were giving wrong information about the vaccine, its testing and price. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Google has blocked 106 million ads regarding Kovid-19. About 8 million ads have been processed regarding the Russia-Ukraine war.