Google Lens is bringing new features for the desktop version of Chrome, new features will be available


Google Lens is bringing several new features to the desktop version of Chrome. On the desktop version of Chrome, Google Lens shows three new options on the search results page, including the Translate text tool and Find Image source tools.

Google has introduced several new features for Google Lens in the desktop version of Chrome. Now with this, you can use text, translate and find image source tools in addition to image search. These features have been available on the Google app for smartphones for a long time. These new tools are now also available on Chrome for Windows, Chrome OS, and Mac. The Google Lens search results page on the desktop version of Chrome shows three new options.

Text tool

The Text tool automatically identifies text in an image and allows you to select text. You can then copy the selected text, or listen. In addition, it can be used to perform other Google searches.

Translation tool

The copied text from the image can be opened separately on the Google Translate site. In addition, there is a dedicated translation tool that opens a UI similar to the mobile app. Google Lens is programmed to automatically detect language. However, you can also select the language manually.

Find image source

The Find Image Source tool takes you to Google Images. This option is said to have been added to fix the problem caused by replacing the Ide search option entirely with Google Lens. This tool allows you to upload an image or screenshot of a webpage to Google Images and search for the results.

A recent report also indicated that the Google Lens feature is being added to the Google Search homepage for Chrome on desktop. The lens icon is believed to have been seen on while surfing in Incognito Mode on Chrome.