Facebook user beware: Do not make these mistakes even by forgetting, otherwise you may have to go to jail


Nowadays, from children to elders, everyone is connected with mobile phones. At the same time, ever since the smartphone has stepped into our lives, everything gets done faster. Through this people get their biggest work done in minutes. Whether it is work related to banking sector or anything else, all these works are done through mobile. Not only this, people also spend time on social media and that too through their mobile. Especially people use Facebook a lot. Here he also shares his videos, photos and his personal thoughts with people. But during this time it is also necessary to take care of some things, because even a small mistake of yours is enough to take proper action on you and then you can get into trouble. So let's tell you about this. You can learn about those mistakes in the next slides, which you should never forget...


Do not make these mistakes on Facebook:-
Pirated link
Facebook gives us the facility of Messenger, where we talk to our loved ones and share photos, videos etc. with them. But you should never send a pirated link of an illegal movie here, because doing so can lead to appropriate action against you.

Wrong message to girls
You will have many friends on Facebook, both boys and girls. So many times we also meet or try to meet new people. In such a situation, you have to pay attention not to send any wrong message to any girl, nor any wrong video or other things. If you are found doing this, then you can be jailed for taking appropriate action against you.

Offensive message
In a way, Facebook works to connect people. In such a situation, even after forgetting you do not have to send threatening or objectionable messages to anyone. In such a situation, if your complaint is to the police, appropriate action can be taken against you.

Religious sentiment
Not only in India but even in countries outside, people are very attached to religious things. In such a situation, if you knowingly or unknowingly hurt someone's religious sentiments through Facebook, then appropriate action can be taken against you. Actually, many times these religious feelings provoke riots, so never do this.


Provocative things
Do not share any inflammatory things on Facebook, due to which some problems may arise. This includes things like video, audio, message or poster. Doing so can get you in trouble.