Digital Payment: Keep these things in mind while making online payments, otherwise you will become a victim of fraud


Digital Payment: India has set records on record in the field of digital payment. Our dependence on digital payments has increased the most, along with this, online frauds are also increasing continuously, which we need to avoid.

Digital Payment: If you do an online payment, then you need to take care of some important things. Because you can also be a victim of fraud while making an online payment at any time. Let us tell you that in the field of digital payment, India has set records on record. Our maximum dependence on digital payments has increased, in a way it has become a part of our transactional habits. But if care is not taken with digital payment, then far from the possibility of fraud, there is also the fear of being fraud while making an online payment. Especially fraudsters are on the lookout for such people, by fooling them they can get a good amount of money. Therefore, you have to take care of these things to avoid fraud while making an online payment.

Do not give your UPI PIN to anyone

If you want to avoid online fraud, then the first thing is that you do not share your UPI PIN with anyone. Your UPI PIN is also the same as your ATM PIN. You authorize a transaction by entering a PIN on UPI-based payment apps. Therefore, it is your first responsibility to keep the UPI PIN safe.

Do not click on any suspicious link

Fraudsters often send links to trick you into clicking them and then get an entry on your device. With this, all your details come to them. In such a situation, click on any link only after thoroughly understanding it. Avoid clicking on links from any number or email address. Always be cautious in such cases.

Check details before sending money

At the beginning of UPI payment, it was seen many times that the receiver's ID in the UPI app is wrong, or instead of sending you money by fooling you, money was sent to you. Therefore, whenever you go to make a payment, where the box for entering the amount comes, it is visible on the ride side to whom this money is being sent. Always check this address.

Keep your device's security updated

Always keep the security of your device up to date. Along with this, keep your device locked as well. It used to be that we did not have any such sensitive details on our phones, but now it is not so. Now from banking, health, and finance, to important documents, we can keep in this device. Therefore, its protection is very important. That's why we should always keep the security of our devices updated.