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When a device has Bluetooth turned on, the system is constantly open waiting for a possible connection. On the other hand, hackers can use Bluetooth to break into your system.

Once a hacker finds an active Bluetooth device, it determines its system and attacks the device. This allows hackers to gain control over the device and use it for multiple purposes.


Here are some Bluetooth attacks

1) Bluejacking: The hacker (the attacker) sends a "business card" by a text message. If the user adds it to their contact list, the hacker can send an additional message.

2) Blue bugging: The hacker can take control of the user's phone. Blowers are developed as POC tools for this purpose.


3) Bluesnarfing: This attack takes data from Bluetooth-enabled devices. This can include SMS messages, calendar information, pictures, phone books, and chats.

4) Bluesmack: DOS attack against Bluetooth devices.