5g in India: When will 5G service start in India, will there be a risk of radiation or not? Know the details here..


5G Service: Union Information Technology Minister Ashwani Vaishnav has said that the cost of 5G services in the country will also be less. Common man will also be able to use 5G easily. While completing the process of 5G spectrum auction on 4 August 2022, Union Minister Vaishnav said that the government will complete all the work related to the allocation of 5G spectrum by 12 August, after which 5G services can be started in the country by October. 


Plan to start 5G services in the country by October
Union Minister Ashwani Vaishnav said, 'Telecom companies should complete preparations to start 5G service in the country soon. Yesterday only the process of spectrum auction has been calculated and today we have also held a meeting regarding its distribution. We are trying our best that 5G services should be started in the whole country soon. We are planning to start 5G services in the country by October after completing the spectrum auction allocation by August 12.

Union Minister Vaishnav further said that the telecom market is the cheapest market in the world. The prices of 5G service in the country will also be kept affordable, the common man will also be able to take advantage of 5G services. On the question of damage from electromagnetic radiation, Union Minister Vaishnav replied that the level of radiation in us will be 10 times less than in America and Europe, due to which there will be no danger of radiation here.


Whose share in 5G spectrum
The auction of 5G spectrum in India has been completed. A total of Rs 1,50,173 crore 5G spectrum has been auctioned in the country. Three companies in the country have won the maximum spectrum, in which Reliance Jio has bought 24,740Mhz spectrum, Bharti Airtel has bought 19867Mhz spectrum and Vodafone-Idea has bought 6228Mhz spectrum.