108MP and 200MP not only guarantee a good camera! Know-How to Buy the Best Camera Phone

108MP and 200MP not only guarantee a good camera! Know-How to Buy the Best Camera Phone

Best Camera Phone Buying Tips: Every single smartphone company of the current era is launching camera phones ranging from 50MP to 108MP. Also, some smartphone companies like Xiaomi are preparing for the launch of the 200MP smartphone. But if more megapixels were the only guarantee of a good camera phone, the 12MP iPhone might have been abandoned by now. However, it is not that the megapixels do not matter. Actually, with more megapixels, many other things are necessary for a good camera. In such a situation, if you want to buy a good camera phone, then aperture size with more megapixels, depth of field, macro lens along with many other things are necessary.

Multi-camera setup

It should always be noted that the phone should have a multi-camera instead of a single camera because the demand for the camera has increased. Now people want to click all kinds of photos like bokeh mode, macro photography, live photography from the phone. In such a situation, a different lens is being given for different demands.

What is megapixel

A megapixel is a small colored dot, with the help of which an image is made. One megapixel is made by mixing 10 lakh pixels.

Megapixel Guide:

  • 3MP is enough for a 7x5 inch photo.
  • 9MP is required for A4 size photos.
  • 8MP is enough for television scenes. Let us tell you that 3MP is used in the iPad Retina display.
  • 3MP is enough for uploading photos on social media.
  • A 3.2MP camera is generally considered enough for a good phone. Only 4MP to 5MP is considered sufficient for photo print.


For any good smartphone, it is important that how much zoom is in it. Often you want to focus on an object or surface, so it is important to have a good zoom lens for this. At present, digital zoom is offered in all smartphones. This lens has its limitations. But now some smartphone companies are also offering optical zoom lenses. Optical zoom zooms in on any object very well and also does not allow its quality to deteriorate. In such a situation, whenever you buy a smartphone, always see that the optical zoom lens with digital has been given in the phone.


While buying a smartphone, definitely check which company's lens is being given in your smartphone. Currently, companies like Sony make smartphone lenses. In such a situation, one should always take a smartphone with a good company lens, because the autofocus and image stabilization of a good lens works better, due to which the phone clicks amazing photos.

Image stabilization

Image stabilization is an important part of the phone's camera. Often your camera shakes while taking a video or photo. Which increases the chances of your photo getting damaged. But this shortcoming can be overcome in image stabilization. Also, it helps in shooting very good videos during videography.

Macro focus

Macro focus is becoming quite popular these days, in which a very clear photo of an object can be clicked from close range.

Image processing

Image processing with the phone's camera is essential for a good photo. Simply put, the phone's camera is made smart with the help of software. In this, manufacturers provide additional processing options. Like High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode. In HDR mode, the camera clicks multiple photos at different exposures. Then adding these photos together makes a good photo.

1080P video

If you want to shoot good video from the camera, then while buying the phone, you should always see whether the phone has full HD i.e. 1080 pixels resolution or not.