Wow, Dhoni... Learning to uphold friendship is something one can learn from you. The world doesn't salute just like that.


It is said about Dhoni that he is a friend of friends. And, the proof of why this is so has been found again.

Friends' friend Dhoni, who is living in his hometown Ranchi these days, has started preparations for IPL 2024.

Preparations for IPL 2024 in Ranchi: During the preparations for IPL 2024, a sticker from a company named Prime Sports was seen on Dhoni's bat.

Prime Sports sticker on the bat: This sticker on Dhoni's bat is from the company of his friend, who had supported him a lot during his struggling days.

If you have seen the film made on MS Dhoni, then there is mention of this friend in it, whose name is Paramjeet Singh.

This friend is also mentioned in the film made by MS Dhoni. Paramjit Singh's Prime Sports is located at Sujata Chowk, Ranchi. These are the same friends who had earlier appeared in an advertisement with Dhoni.

Paramjit Singh's Prime Sports is for his friend. Dhoni himself has put a Prime Sports sticker on his bat. Apart from this, he also gave his autograph on many small bats with stickers.

Probably in IPL 2024 also, Dhoni will be seen playing with this sticker on his bat. Dhoni will do anything for his friend!