World Cup 2023: India, and South Africa in semi-finals, take a look at the qualification scenario for other teams!


PC: dnaindia

India and South Africa have secured their places in the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup 2023, with six teams remaining in the race for the remaining two spots. After Pakistan and Australia won their recent World Cup matches, the qualification scenarios for other teams are as follows:

Australia (10 points): Australia, currently ranked third, needs to win just one of their remaining two matches against Afghanistan and Bangladesh to book a place in the semi-finals. However, if they lose both games, their fate will depend on the favorable results of other matches.

New Zealand (8 points): The fourth-placed Blackcaps need to win in their only remaining match against Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, even a win in that game cannot guarantee them a place in the semi-finals, as they also need Pakistan and Afghanistan to lose their remaining matches. If New Zealand loses, they will have to rely on Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and the Netherlands losing their remaining matches, and that too by significant margins.

Pakistan (8 points): The Men in Green are currently placed fifth and facing a similar situation to New Zealand. They not only have to win their remaining matches against England but also aim for a big win to improve their net run rate (0.036) compared to New Zealand (0.398). If they lose to England, they will be expected to lose to New Zealand, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and the Netherlands by big margins.

Afghanistan (8 points): Sixth-ranked Afghanistan faces a straightforward challenge – winning their remaining matches against Australia and South Africa to book a place in the semi-finals. It could be a challenging effort, especially against Australia, who are determined to reach the semi-finals. If Afghanistan loses one or both of their matches, their only hope would be for New Zealand and Pakistan to lose their remaining matches by significant margins.

Sri Lanka (4 points): Sri Lanka, currently ranked seventh, will face Bangladesh and New Zealand in their next matches. To have any chance of reaching the semi-finals, they will have to win both these competitions by significant margins. Additionally, they will have to rely on the above-mentioned teams to lose their remaining games by considerable margins. Any loss in either of the two matches will result in their elimination.

Netherlands (4 points): The Dutch team is currently placed eighth and finds itself in the same position as Sri Lanka. They have to win their remaining matches against England and India by big margins, although that appears to be a tough task. Their fate also depends on New Zealand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka losing their matches by significant margins to increase their run rates. Another defeat will end their journey in the World Cup.