World Cup 2023: Australia has become world champion so many times till now, you will be shocked to know


The ODI series between India and Australia is going to start on 17th March i.e. tomorrow. Tomorrow's match will be played at Wankhede Stadium. But the biggest thing is that both the teams will be able to test each other in this series. This is because the ODI World Cup is to be played this year and this tournament will be held in India only.

By the way, Australia has always been ahead of India in matches in ODIs. If we talk about the old World Cup tournament, then Australia won most of the matches. Australia has won 5 of the 12 ODI World Cups held so far. In such a situation, Australia's side has always been above India in the matter of ODIs. 


World Cups won by Australia

beat England in 1987

beat Pakistan in 1999

beat India in 2003 beat

Sri Lanka in 2007 

beat New Zealand in 2015