World champion team India faced an obstacle in returning to the country, BCCI had to change the plan for 70 people


Team India's plan was to leave Bridgetown for New York on Sunday, June 30, from where it would have reached New Delhi via Dubai, but at present this plan has been cancelled. About 70 members of Team India, including players, their families and support staff, are present in Bridgetown, who will return to the country together.

Team India will return to the country as the T20 World Champion.

Image Credit: PTI

Every Indian fan was waiting for Team India to win the ICC trophy again. Every Indian was waiting for Team India to become the world champion again. Both these waits ended in one evening and Rohit Sharma's team created history by winning the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 title. Every Indian is immersed in the joy of this title but now the country is waiting for just one thing, which has been extended for some time. This is the return of Team India to the country with the World Cup trophy, which has been slightly disrupted at the moment and now this wait has become a little longer.

Storm disrupts Team India's comeback

Team India won the World Cup title by defeating South Africa by 7 runs in the final on 29 June in Bridgetown, Barbados. With this, Team India became the T20 World Champion after 17 years, World Champion after 13 years and champion of any ICC tournament after 11 years. Every player celebrated this success of Team India and along with them, there was a flood of happiness in the country as well. Now we are just waiting for Team India to return, which has increased due to the storm coming in Barbados.

According to reports, Hurricane Beryl is going to hit Barbados in a few hours. Due to Hurricane Beryl, all airports in Barbados including Bridgetown have been closed and all flights have been cancelled. Due to this, Team India had to cancel its plan to leave Bridgetown for New York on Sunday. According to the information, a total of 70 members including Team India, support staff, BCCI officials and players' families were to reach New York by Emirates Airlines, from where the team would reach New Delhi via Dubai.

Change in plan, meeting with PM is also possible

Due to the hurricane, the team's return has been delayed and the BCCI has also changed the plan. The PTI report states that now all 70 members will be brought directly from Bridgetown to New Delhi via a charter flight. Usually, Team India reaches Mumbai while returning from any foreign tour, but this time the reason for going to New Delhi is a possible meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In 2011 also, when Team India became the champion, the entire team including MS Dhoni met the then President and Prime Minister in New Delhi.