Who called Rohit Sharma the unluckiest man in the world? Know here


Australia has won the World Cup title for the sixth time. It defeated Team India commanded by Rohit Sharma in the final. The player on whose strength Australia won the final had entered the team in the middle of the World Cup. But, still, he came and scored 329 runs in 6 matches. He came in the middle of the World Cup and came under shadow. We are talking about Travis Head, who scored a century in the final and made Australia the champion. After this, he called Indian captain Rohit Sharma unlucky. According to the head, Rohit Sharma is the unluckiest person in the world. Rohit Sharma is an unlucky person, although it is not known on what lines he said this, it is certain that the reason behind this must have been the records related to Rohit's career on the cricket field. 

Management's confidence remains intact even after the injury

In the World Cup 2023 tournament which started on 5 October, Travis Head played his first match against New Zealand on 28 October. This means he did not play the first 5 matches of Australia. On this day, Head played his first match in the World Cup. The reason for Head being out of those 5 matches was his broken hand. However, even after breaking his hand, the Australian team management trusted him and kept him in the team. And now the result is in front of the world.