Wasim Akram made fun of the Pakistan team, and said such a thing that Babar Azam would get angry after hearing it!


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The Pakistani cricket team was considered a contender to reach the semi-finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. However, Babar Azam's captaincy has not lived up to the expectations, making it challenging for them to secure a place in the semi-finals. Meanwhile, former captain and great fast bowler Wasim Akram lightened up the mood by offering a humorous take on how Pakistan can reach the semi-finals. Besides, former Pakistan coach and captain Misbah-ul-Haq has also supported his idea.

Pakistan's last match in the league stage of the World Cup 2023 is against defending champions England, who are already out of the race for the semi-finals. To reach the semi-finals, Pakistan will have to defeat England by at least 280 runs or achieve England's target within five overs. In reality, achieving this seems quite challenging.

Akram's suggested approach:

Participating as a guest on the talk show "The Pavilion", Wasim Akram spoke in a light-hearted manner about Pakistan's chances of reaching the semi-finals. Show host Fakhar said that before the show, Wasim Akram had suggested that Pakistan should bat first, English players should be locked in the dressing room before coming on the field, and everyone should be locked within 20 minutes. Win the match by taking time out. Misbah-ul-Haq added another humorous touch by saying, "Why bother batting first? Lock the English team in the dressing room before going on the field. Although it may not be possible, Akram, Misbah and The show's contestants, Shoaib Malik and Moeen Khan, have jokingly admitted that it seems almost impossible for Pakistan to reach the semi-finals. If Babar takes these comments to heart, there is sure to be some disappointment.

One spot left in the semi-finals:

So far, three teams – India, South Africa and Australia – have qualified for the semi-finals of the World Cup 2023. However, the decision on the fourth team is still pending. New Zealand has almost confirmed its place by defeating Sri Lanka, but based on the points table, Pakistan and Afghanistan are still in the race. To reach the semi-finals, Afghanistan will have to defeat South Africa by a margin of 400 runs. Pakistan also faces a challenging path.