VIDEO: World Cup victory celebrated at an altitude of 35000 feet, fans clapped loudly


There is a tremendous craze among the fans of the Indian cricket team at this time. Wherever they are, they are celebrating the victory of Team India. Recently, the victory in the T20 World Cup 2024 final was celebrated in many cities including Delhi and Mumbai. Now in the viral video, fans were seen celebrating at an altitude of 35 thousand feet.

Indian fans celebrate T20 World Cup victory. (Photo: PTI)

Team India won the final of T20 World Cup 2024 on 29 June. Since then, tremendous craze is being seen among Indian fans. Everyone is immersed in the celebration of victory and is celebrating it wherever they are. When the players of the Indian team landed at Delhi airport, they were given a warm welcome. Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited all the players including captain Rohit Sharma for breakfast in the joy of winning the trophy and talked to them. After this, BCCI celebrated this victory with great pomp in Mumbai, in which thousands of fans were seen gathering. Meanwhile, a video is going viral, in which many Indian fans are seen clapping on the victory of Team India in an Air India flight.

Celebration held at 35 thousand feet

India defeated South Africa by 7 runs in the final of the T20 World Cup. Indian fans were watching this match from the stadium in Barbados. Apart from them, crores of fans were also watching on TV or mobile from different places. There were some fans who had to miss the match and travel due to important work. In such a situation, Air India did not let them remain unaware of this victory. An Air India flight attendant has shared a video. In this video, the attendant gives the news of India's victory to the passengers present in the flight at 35 thousand feet. After this all the passengers start clapping. This video has been liked by more than 1 million people.

Fan craze seen in Mumbai

Cricket is not considered a religion in India for no reason. Along with the flight, the craze of fans was also seen during Team India's victory parade in Mumbai. During the parade, there was no place to stand anywhere. When he did not find space on the ground, a fan climbed a tree. That fan climbed the tree and captured the players of Team India on his camera. During the victory parade, this fan was closest to the players of Team India. During this, the reaction of the players of Team India was worth seeing. Virat Kohli saw this fan first, after which he asked Ravindra Jadeja to look at this fan.