VIDEO: Which trophy did Rohit Sharma lift before the World Cup?


Team India, along with captain Rohit Sharma, is also looking ready to lift the T20 World Cup trophy this time. For this, all the players of the team are working hard so that they can reach the final on June 29 and win, but Rohit Sharma has already been seen lifting a trophy at the Naso Stadium.

Photo: PTI)

The Indian team is in New York and is ready to play the T20 World Cup warm-up match against Bangladesh on June 1. The team's journey to win the trophy in the tournament will begin on June 5. If the Indian team manages to win the semi-finals after the group stage and Super 8, then it will play the final on June 29. As soon as this match is won, captain Rohit Sharma will lift the glittering T20 World Cup trophy with his own hands. There is still time for these matches but even before this, the 'Hitman' has lifted a trophy.

What kind of trophy is in Rohit Sharma's hands?

Before the match between the Indian team and Bangladesh, the captains of both countries were called for a photo shoot with the tournament trophy. During this, another trophy was seen at the Naso County Stadium, which was somewhat similar to the T20 World Cup trophy. However, the color and size of this trophy was completely different from it. This was none other than the trophy of America's famous basketball league NBA (National Basketball Association). This trophy is also known as the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy. It was brought to the Naso Stadium for its promotion, where Rohit Sharma picked it up.

Rohit Sharma's funny style

Rohit Sharma was seen in a funny mood during the photoshoot with the NBA trophy. Seeing it, he jokingly said - 'Larry paaji ki haal chaal'. He jokingly said about the weight of the trophy that because of its weight, such tall players come in this game. When he was asked about this trophy, Rohit Sharma said Michael Jordan is his favorite player. He also praised LeBron James and Steph Curry.

Preparation of Team India

Team India reached New York in two batches due to IPL. Virat Kohli joined the team last on 31st May. Captain Rohit Sharma and the rest of the team members have practiced hard. During this, Rohit Sharma was also seen giving tips to Shivam Dubey. The whole team looks ready for the upcoming match. Virat Kohli joined the team late and was tired due to the long flight. Therefore, he may not take part in this warm-up match.