VIDEO: Rohit Sharma will never forget the Barbados pitch, told why he ate its soil?


Team India became the champion of the T20 World Cup after 17 years. When India defeated South Africa in Barbados, captain Rohit Sharma became very emotional. He was seen crying and beating his hands while lying on the field. After this, he picked up the soil from the pitch and ate it.

The Indian team won the T20 World Cup title in 2007 under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh. Rohit Sharma was also a part of that team. However, after this he could never win any World Cup. When he was made the captain of the team, he had to face a crushing defeat at the hands of England in the 2022 T20 World Cup. Since then, he wanted to win a World Cup trophy at any cost. For this, he worked hard for two years with head coach Rahul Dravid and built a strong team. After the defeat in the 2023 ODI World Cup and a long wait of 17 years, when he got the T20 World Cup trophy in Barbados, he got emotional and ate the soil of the pitch of the India-South Africa match. Now a BCCI video has told the real reason behind this.

Will never forget the Barbados pitch
BCCI has shared a video of Indian captain Rohit Sharma. In this video, Rohit Sharma has openly talked about the meaning of the T20 World Cup victory and the way of celebration. In this video, he said that it is difficult to tell how he was feeling after the victory. Rohit said about celebrating by eating soil that whatever he felt in that moment, he did that in his heart. When he reached the pitch after the match, he realized that that pitch of Barbados has fulfilled his years of dream. It has given him every happiness of life. That's why he wanted to absorb it in himself. This is the reason why he ate the soil of that pitch. Rohit said that he will never forget the ground and pitch of Barbados.

Rohit did not sleep the whole night

Rohit Sharma also revealed in the video that after winning the trophy, he had a lot of fun with the other players. Everyone celebrated a lot in the hotel. He got that trophy after years of hard work, so he could not sleep the whole night in happiness. Rohit said that he has no problem in staying awake the whole night for this happiness.