VIDEO: Bumrah punched, and screamed loudly after taking the wicket, know why!


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It is difficult to believe that Jasprit Bumrah showed his power within a radius of 22 yards on the same pitch of Hyderabad where the spinners were making their mark. In the second innings of England, Bumrah performed brilliantly by dismissing Ben Duckett and Joe Root. Both the balls were so extraordinary that England's explosive batsmen looked helpless in front of them. Especially when Ben Duckett lost his wicket, Bumrah became very aggressive. Normally, after taking a wicket, Bumrah just smiles and shakes hands with his teammates. However, after dismissing Ben Duckett, something unusual happened - Bumrah started shouting and throwing punches.

Bumrah became aggressive due to a friend's mistake

Jasprit Bumrah looked a bit aggressive in the Hyderabad Test due to a mistake by his friend. This friend is none other than Team India's wicketkeeper Shrikar Bharat, due to whose mistake Bumrah was deprived of the wicket. In the 17th over, Bumrah appealed for LBW against Ben Duckett and the umpire gave the decision of not out. After this, wicketkeeper Shrikar Bharat told captain Rohit Sharma that the ball was going outside the leg stump, but after seeing the replay it was clear that the ball was hitting the wickets. Bumrah expressed disappointment after watching the replays on the screen.

Bumrah's comeback in the next over:

Full of disappointment in not getting a wicket in the previous over, Bumrah made an aggressive comeback in the next over. After dismissing Ben Duckett, Bumrah became aggressive, and started throwing punches and shouting passionately.


Root's game also ended.

In the 21st over, Jasprit Bumrah also ended the game of England's top Test batsman Joe Root. Bumrah bowled an excellent inswing ball and got Root out LBW. Bumrah left his mark even on the spin-friendly pitch of Hyderabad. Bumrah's performance indicates his stature as a big match-winner.