Video: After the defeat, Indian fans forgot all limits, and booed in the name of Rahul-Surya, even the umpires were not spared!


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The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 started with strong intentions and a great performance for Team India, but it ended with disappointment. In the final held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on Sunday, November 19, India aimed to win the title but faced disappointment as Australia defeated them by six wickets to lift the World Cup. While the team's defeat disappointed the fans, the behaviour of some spectators in the stadium after the match was shameful.

The final was played at the Modi Stadium in front of approximately one lakh spectators. In this important match, Team India could score only 240 runs. Indian batsmen failed to take advantage of the good start and the team ultimately had to suffer the consequences. Australia won the final easily, losing only four wickets, and secured their sixth World Cup title.

Resentment against the umpires:

Not only the players were disappointed by Team India's defeat but about one lakh spectators were also disappointed. As a result, just before the presentation ceremony, almost half the stadium was empty. The few fans who stayed till the end, apparently disappointed by the team's defeat, engaged in actions that brought shame to the spirit of cricket.

During the presentation ceremony, medals were awarded to the on-field umpires and referees. As soon as the name of on-field umpire Richard Cattleborough was announced, many spectators began booing, creating a surprising and uncomfortable moment. This reaction was not due to Kettleborough's decisions but was linked to India's recent record in matches where he officiated. India has suffered defeats in several knockout matches over the years, many of which had Kettleborough umpired. Some fans consider him a bad omen for the Indian team.

No one spared for Rahul and Surya

The disappointment was not limited to the umpires only; Some fans also displayed similar behaviour towards the two Indian players during the presentation ceremony. When medals were being given to the players, happiness increased as soon as the names of most of the players were announced. However, when K.L. When Rahul's name was called, some fans started booing. The same reaction came when Suryakumar Yadav's name came up.

The final was not good for Rahul and Suryakumar. Rahul played a challenging inning of 66 runs but faced 106 balls and hit only one four, which was less than expected. Suryakumar, who did not perform well in the entire tournament, could score only 28 runs in the final. Despite these individual struggles, Team India had a commendable performance throughout the tournament and it was unfair to look down on individual players based on their final performance.