This rule will become permanent from T20 World Cup! Bowlers will lose their senses!


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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken an important decision regarding the T20 World Cup, which is to be jointly hosted by the West Indies and the United States in June this year. The trial rule of stop clock, under which the fielding team has to start the next over within a specified time after the completion of one over, is still in place. However, ICC has now decided to implement this rule permanently. According to reports, ICC will implement this rule in the upcoming T20 World Cup and will apply it in both T20 and One Day International (ODI) matches.

The ICC introduced this rule on a trial basis in December last year. Now it will be included in the list of permanent cricket rules. The purpose of this rule is to prevent the wastage of time between overs, ensuring that matches can be finished on time.

Here's how the rule works: After an over is completed, the fielding team must start the next over within 60 seconds. As soon as the over is over, the third umpire stops the clock and waits for 60 seconds for the next over to start. If the fielding team fails to follow this rule, a penalty may be imposed. It will be the responsibility of the on-field umpires to enforce this rule. If the next over does not start on time, the fielding team will receive two warnings from the umpires, and if the violation continues, the team will be fined five runs. The decision on when to start the timer will be made by the umpires, who will ensure that the timer starts when there are no disruptions such as DRS reviews or other delays.

The ICC has approved this rule after observing its effectiveness during the trial period and it will now be implemented permanently in the T20 World Cup later this year. Meetings are currently going on in Dubai, where the ICC and its Cricket Committee are discussing various matters including this rule.