The one who was considered a dhaba owner became the captain of the richest team, this story of Hardik Pandya is amazing


As important as luck is, the role of hard work is even more important. There have been many examples of this in cricket. No one can become a star here overnight, but the lives of many players have changed by their brilliant performance on the 22-yard pitch. The name of Team India's star all-rounder Hardik Pandya will definitely be included in this, who rose from poverty and made himself a big name in the world of cricket. Now this big name, the biggest team of the biggest cricket league, the Indian Premier League, has become the captain of Mumbai Indians.

Mumbai Indians, one of the two most successful teams of IPL, surprised everyone by making the biggest announcement on Friday, December 15. The franchise relieved Rohit Sharma, who was captaining the team for the last 10 years, from this responsibility and made Hardik Pandya the new leader of the team. Only last month, Mumbai had traded its former all-rounder to Gujarat Titans. This possibility was being expressed since then, yet this announcement was surprising for everyone.

Spent days in poverty, faced taunts because of color

The journey to reach here was not easy for Hardik Pandya, who captained Gujarat Titans in the last two seasons. Hardik Pandya and his brother Krunal Pandya, who came from Baroda, had to face extreme poverty. Both the brothers did not pay attention to their studies and only cricket was their everything. He used to go from one place to another to play matches for 500 rupees. Not only this, Hardik also had to face bad situations many times because of his colour.

A few years ago, Hardik had told in an interview with cricket host Gaurav Kapoor that in his childhood he was very fond of coloring his hair, due to which he used to get scolded by his mother. Still he continued his hobby but he also had to suffer the consequences of it. Hardik had said that because of his dark complexion and colored hair, many times when he went to a dhaba, people would consider him to be working in the same dhaba. Due to this fear, he had stopped going to any restaurant without his mother.

Mumbai's luck changed, now the team's fortunes will change

Even though Hardik had to face different situations in his childhood, his passion for cricket did not diminish. In 2015, Mumbai Indians recognized his talent and gave him a chance. It was from here that his life turned around and he became a big name in Indian cricket. Hardik remained a part of Mumbai till 2021 and during this period won 4 titles with the team. Then before the 2022 season, Mumbai released him and the new team Gujarat Titans made him their captain. Hardik made the team IPL champion in the very first season, while reaching the finals in the second season also.

Even before the start of IPL 2024 season, Hardik's return to Mumbai Indians had created a sensation. Mumbai and Gujarat announced this on 27th November and since then it seemed that Hardik would be the next captain of Mumbai. It just remained to be seen whether he would get this responsibility in the next season or would have to wait. Hardik did not have to wait long and now he will be the leader of the richest team of IPL (brand value Rs 725 crore). Mumbai Indians have not been able to win the title for 3 years and in such a situation, Hardik would also like to change the fortunes of this team in the same way as this team changed his.