Team India is now relying on luck in Wankhede, what to do if it loses the toss?


India in semi-finals

The Indian team has to face New Zealand in the semi-finals of the ODI World Cup on Wednesday 15 November. This match will be played at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The role of the toss is going to be very important in this match. The result of the match will largely depend on what the team decides after winning the toss.

Such are the statistics: 

Why toss is important can be estimated by looking at the results of the matches held in Mumbai so far in this World Cup. So far, four matches have been played on this ground, out of which the team batting first has won three. 

South Africa has won twice and India has won once by batting first at Wankhede. South Africa defeated England and Bangladesh while India defeated Sri Lanka.

Powerplay statistics

On this ground, it is easier to score runs during the powerplay in the first innings than in the second innings. In this World Cup, the team batting first scored 209 runs in the first powerplay, while the team playing in the second innings scored 168 runs in the powerplay. Therefore, India captain Rohit Sharma and New Zealand captain Kane Williamson would like to win the toss and bat first. Both teams will definitely pay attention to these figures. 

Rohit won the toss in 4 matches

India has played nine matches so far in which team captain Rohit Sharma has been successful in winning the toss four times. Rohit would like his luck to favour him in the semi-finals also and the coin falls in his favour.