T20 World Cup: Virat Kohli got this special gift before going to New York, now it is revealed


Virat Kohli left for New York on 30 May. Before going to the T20 World Cup, he visited the embassy of the host country America. This embassy in Mumbai gave him a special gift, pictures of which have now surfaced. The American embassy wished Kohli good luck with this gift and said that they are eagerly waiting for the India-America match.

Photo: AFP

Virat Kohli has left for New York on 30 May to participate in the T20 World Cup. However, there is still doubt about playing in the warm-up match against Bangladesh on 1 June. Before leaving for New York, he was seen giving an autograph to a little fan at the Mumbai airport. The paparazzi also praised his gift. Now some more pictures of Virat Kohli have surfaced, which shows that he received a special gift before the tournament. This gift was given by none other than the US Consulate in Mumbai.

What did Virat get as a gift?

ICC has given the hosting rights of the T20 World Cup to America to promote cricket there. Before playing under its hosting, Virat Kohli became the host of the American Consulate in Mumbai. Before going to New York, Kohli met American Consul General Mike Hankey. Hankey gave him a special bat during this time. Along with this, the Consulate also wished Virat good luck for the T20 World Cup. The Consulate said that it is eagerly waiting for the match between India and America to be held on June 12. The Consulate has now also shared the pictures of the meeting with Virat Kohli.

Virat's record in the T20 World Cup

Virat Kohli has also received good wishes from America. Now Indian fans hope that he maintains his excellent form and makes many records along with playing an important role in winning the trophy for Team India. Virat has been playing T20 World Cup since 2012 and has made many records so far. He holds the record for scoring the most runs in this tournament. Kohli has 1141 runs in 25 innings. At the same time, no one is close to Virat Kohli in run chases as well. He has scored the most 541 runs in run chases. The most surprising thing is that his average in run chases is 270. Apart from this, 'King Kohli' also holds the record for scoring the most runs in a single edition of the T20 World Cup. He scored the most 319 runs in 2014, which has remained intact for 10 years. Kohli has also received the most Player of the Tournament awards.