T20 World Cup 2024: Why is Pakistan in danger of being eliminated from the tournament after losing to America? Know what is the equation?


T20 World Cup 2024: Pakistan is out after losing to America, know what is the equation?

In the very first match of the T20 World Cup, Pakistan lost to America in a thrilling match. Now it has three matches left, one of which is against India in New York. America has already collected 4 points and is at the top of the points table. Now it has to play two matches against Ireland and India. In such a situation, it seems almost impossible for Pakistan to go to the Super-8.

T20 World Cup 2024 could not live up to the expectations of the fans till Thursday, June 6. Fans were tired of watching this World Cup but the match between Pakistan and America has brought life to this tournament. In the biggest upset so far, Pakistan's team lost a thrilling match to America. With this defeat, their entry into the Super-8 is in danger. According to the current equation, Babar Azam's team, which will play the final in the 2022 T20 World Cup, is almost certain to be out of the tournament.

Why is Pakistan in danger of being out of the tournament?

Pakistan's team was already in poor form in the T20 World Cup. First, they failed to win the T20 series against New Zealand on home ground, then they also had to face defeat in Ireland. After which England lost the series 2-0. Meanwhile, Pakistan's bowlers and batsmen were seen struggling. Whereas in the T20 World Cup, America defeated them on every front. Now Pakistan's next match is against India in New York on June 9. If Babar Azam's team has to reach the Super-8, then this match has to be won at all costs. However, considering the New York pitch, the form of Pakistani players, and the broken confidence after the defeat, there is little hope of victory in this match.

The match against India is very important for Pakistan

If Pakistan loses this match, it will be almost impossible for them to go to the Super-8, because after this they will have only 2 matches, in which they can collect a maximum of 4 points. Whereas America is already on top of this group with 4 points. Their next two matches are against India and Ireland, if they win even one of these, then Pakistan will be out. That means the match against India is going to be very important for Pakistan.

What is the equation for Super-8 for Pakistan?

The simple formula for Pakistan to go to the Super-8 is that it has to win all its remaining matches, including the one against India. This will give it 6 points and it will qualify easily. Despite losing on June 9, if Pakistan has to qualify for the Super-8, then it will have to defeat Ireland and Canada at all costs. Also, it will have to hope that America will lose to India and Ireland as well.

The matter will depend on the net run rate

This will give 4 points each to Pakistan and America. However, it will not be easy for Pakistan as the matter will again come down to the net run rate. To be in a better position, Pakistan will have to hope that after winning against Pakistan, India will lose against Canada and America. Then America, Pakistan, and India will have 4 points each and the two teams with better net run rate will qualify for the Super-8. Although all these scenarios are mathematically possible, it does not seem to be happening at the moment. So now it is considered certain that Pakistan will be eliminated from the group stage.