T20 World Cup 2024: Whether it's about the venue, schedule, super over, or reserve day, find answers to all your questions here


T20 World Cup 2024: The historic T20 World Cup 2024 will begin with the match between the USA and Canada at 6 am on Sunday, June 2. This time the World Cup is special in many ways, the biggest thing which is the entry of America in it. For the first time, an ICC event is being held in America.

Image Credit Source: Daniel Pockett-ICC/ICC via Getty Images

IPL 2024 is over but the action of T20 cricket continues as now it is the turn of T20 World Cup 2024. The tournament is going to start on June 2 in America and West Indies. This is the first time that a major ICC event is being held in America, so there is a lot of enthusiasm about it. Also, after 14 years, an ICC event has returned to the West Indies. Earlier in 2010 also, the T20 World Cup was held there. Some things are happening for the first time in this World Cup, which includes rules and teams. In such a situation, questions are bound to arise and you will find answers to some of these important questions here.

When will the World Cup start and how long will it last?

The T20 World Cup will begin on June 2 (Indian time) at 6 am when hosts USA and Canada will clash. The tournament will end with the final on June 29.

How many teams are participating this time?

For the first time in the history of the T20 World Cup, 20 teams are participating together. America has got a place in it as the host and this is the team's first tournament. Canada and Uganda will also play in the World Cup for the first time. Apart from these, India, Pakistan, Australia, England, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland, Papua New Guinea, West Indies, Namibia, Afghanistan and Oman are part of this World Cup.

Where are the World Cup venues?

In America, group-stage matches will be played in New York, Dallas, and Lauderhill (Florida). Whereas in the West Indies, the group stage, super-8, semi-final, and final will be played in Bridgetown, Providence, North Sound, Gros Islet, Kingston, and Tarouba. The final match will be played in Bridgetown (Barbados).

How is the format of the World Cup this time?

This time the World Cup is in a format like group stage and Super-8. All 20 teams have been divided into 4 groups of 5 each. 2 teams from each group will reach the Super-8 round, where they will be divided into two groups of 4 each. 2 teams each from the Super-8 will reach the semi-finals and then the final will be held.

If the match is tied, how will the decision be made?

If any match is tied then it will be decided by a super over. If the super over is also tied then the next super over will be played and it will continue till the extra one-hour time fixed for the match is over. If even then the decision is not made then both the teams will get equal points in the group stage and super-8. If this happens in the semi-finals then the team with the higher ranking in the super-8 round will reach the final.

How will the matches be played if rain or bad weather interferes?

According to the rules of T20, at least 5-5 overs of competition are required to achieve a result in any match. This will be applicable in the group stage and Super-8. If the match is not held then the points will be shared. The rules are slightly different for the semi-finals and finals.

How will the decision be made in the semi-finals and finals?

To get a result in the semi-finals and finals, it is necessary to have a match of 10-10 overs. If this is not possible, then there is a provision for a reserve day for the first semi-final, which is the next day. This is not the case for the second semi-final because the final is to be played after a gap of one day. Therefore, there is no reserve day but there will be 250 minutes i.e. 4 hours and 10 minutes to finish the match on the same day.

If the result does not come, then only the teams that are at the top of their respective groups in the Super-8 will reach the final. There is a provision of reserve day for the final which is 30 June. If the match does not happen even then, then both teams will be joint winners.

Which teams are in Team India's group?

The Indian team is in Group A, where it is accompanied by the host USA, Pakistan, Ireland, and Canada. Team India's group stage matches will be played at 8 pm (Indian time).

This new rule will be seen in the T20 World Cup

This time in the World Cup, a rule will be seen which can create problems for many teams. ICC has introduced a 'Stop Clock' to maintain the pace of the matches and to finish the match in the stipulated time. Under this, after the completion of one over, only 60 seconds will be given to start the next over. If any team violates this, then it will be given two warnings. Even then, a penalty of 5 runs will be imposed if the mistake is made.

Where can you watch the T20 World Cup 2024?

In India, the T20 World Cup matches can be watched on the official broadcaster Star Sports. The online streaming of the tournament will be on the Disney-Hotstar platform.