T20 World Cup 2024: Dinner with cricketers for $25, Pakistan cancels party after defeat to America


The Pakistan Cricket Board recently organized a private dinner for fans with the players of the team. For this, fans were being charged $25. There was a lot of controversy over this dinner party of the board. Now after losing to America, the PCB has canceled this private dinner.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has been surrounded by controversies for a long time. Due to which he is often in the headlines. Whether Pakistani cricketers like it or not, as soon as they do or say something, a new controversy starts. During the match against America in the T20 World Cup, some fans made fun of Azam Khan's obesity through a poster. In this match, there was a clash between Azam Khan and a fan, and a dispute broke out.

Dinner organized with cricketers for $25

Recently, the Pakistan Cricket Board organized a dinner for fans with Pakistani cricketers for $25, which caused a lot of controversy. Now the news has come that the PCB has canceled this private dinner after the embarrassing defeat from America.

Why was the dinner canceled?

The PCB was going to organize a private dinner for fans in New York with Pakistani players. Now a Pakistani journalist has claimed that this private dinner has been canceled. After the dinner is canceled, the board will also have to return the money of the fans. Sources in the Pakistan team said that Babar Azam and other players have reached New York to play a match against India on June 9. The players are very sad and disappointed after losing to America. Even during the tour, the players spoke very little to each other. There has already been a lot of controversy about this dinner and now the board has canceled the dinner given the mental state of the players.

There was silence after the defeat

Pakistan players wanted to start well in the T20 World Cup and wanted to face Team India with a positive mindset. Now they are badly broken by the defeat in the opening match. According to reports, the Pakistani players were so disappointed with the defeat that they sat in the dressing room holding their heads for a long time after the match. There was silence in the hotel room as well.

The team has been banned from using social media

There has already been a lot of controversy regarding dinner. Many former cricketers including Rashid Latif have criticized them. Now after the defeat, the PCB has taken a new step to avoid controversy. According to sources, the PCB has banned the use of social media on the entire team. The board says that the players should not post anything on social media till the match against India so that the reaction of the fans does not affect their confidence.