T20 WC: 'Sitting with hands on the head after the toss, no understanding of fielding' Former captain mocks Pakistani player


15 runs were needed in the last over and Pakistan had a good chance to beat USA. This 20th over was given to fast bowler Haris Rauf but he made mistakes, taking advantage of which USA scored 14 runs tied the match, and took it to the super over, where USA created history. After this, the former captain of Pakistan fiercely criticized the players of his team.

If Pakistan's cricket fans were in shock due to the defeat in the first match of the T20 series against Ireland a few days ago, then the crushing defeat in the super over at the hands of new players in the very first match of the T20 World Cup 2024 has shocked not only Pakistani fans but the entire cricket world. Fans and pundits are angry with Babar Azam's team, which lost the first match of the tournament due to many childish mistakes. The anger is especially on some players, including experienced fast bowler Haris Rauf, who could not even stop 14 runs in the last over.

Salman Butt got angry with Haris Rauf

This is the third T20 World Cup for Haris Rauf, who has been playing T20 cricket for Pakistan continuously for the last 4 years, but the way he performed in the last over, he looked like a school cricketer. Rauf gave 14 runs in the last over and the match was tied. In this over, Rauf bowled completely opposite to his field placement, which America took advantage of. Seeing such a plight of Pakistan, especially Rauf's poor bowling, the former captain of Pakistan got angry and criticized Rauf.

'No understanding of fielding'

During a discussion on a Pakistani news channel, Salman Butt said that he was not surprised that Rauf could not save that run. Criticizing him, Butt said that Haris Rauf is a child who does not even look at his fielding while bowling. Pointing out Harris's mistake, he mentioned the last ball of the innings, in which the fielder was at mid-off, but still, Rauf bowled a full-length ball instead of a short ball and threw a full toss ball, which hit a four. Butt said that it is a basic thing in cricket that whenever such fielding is done, the right ball is not bowled.

Called the Pakistan team stupid

Not only this, Butte also made fun of Harris and said that after throwing the ball, he sits down with both hands on his head as if he had suffered a big loss in the stock market. Salman Butt called the entire Pakistan team including Rauf stupid and said that despite being such an experienced player, he does not have the general knowledge of the situation of the game.

Rauf made mistakes in the last over

As far as the match is concerned, in the match played in Dallas on Thursday, June 6, Pakistan scored only 160 runs while batting first. In response, America could also score only 160 runs in 20 overs, due to which the match went into the super over. Here America batted first and scored 18 runs but Pakistan could not score the 19 runs required for victory. Before the super over, Pakistan had a chance to win the match when America needed 15 runs in the 20th over, but Haris Rauf equalized the score by giving 14 runs.